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Overseer, Rev. Dr. Gerald Johnson

Pastor Johnson

Our Pastor

In God’s infinite wisdom He surely knew that the church needed a pastor who will be faithful and true.

The pastor has a love for God’s Word in His heart and for His people .

The congregation was prayerfully waiting to receive him. God needed someone to care for His precious flock and so He sent our pastor a man after His own heart.

Spiritual Beginnings

Pastor Johnson was nurtured in Christ at a young age at Emanuel AME Church in Harlem, New York. By age nine he was teaching Sunday School and preached his first message at age twelve. He was delegated Assistant Pastor for the Junior Church of Emanuel AME Church where he served faithfully for three years.

Our First Lady

Pastor Johnson is married to the lovely Belinda K. Johnson

Minister Daniel

Music Ministry

Zhe Scott

Executive Assistant and Communications Director

Music Ministry

Linda Wilson

Sunday School Superintendent

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