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History of The Greater Harvest Church of God in Christ, Inc.

Our Humble Beginnings

Greater Harvest was formed as an association in the early part of 1956 with Elder Emmitt Campbell as Chief Elder and Pastor. There were approximately 28 members good standing at the times of the church’s inception. Prior to Elders Campbell’s time of service as Pastor, another minister served as overseer of the congregation for a short period of time.

Greater Harvest’s headquarters was located at 1144 Olive Avenue, Long Beach, California which is in Los Angeles County. The building was once a Carpenter’s Hall.

Greater Harvest believes in promoting excellence in service and devotions to the work of the ministry. The church has continuously served the community in the location of its inception. Over the years, Greater Harvest has been instrumental in providing various local ministry relate projects as well as community focuses, projects such as sponsoring community cleanup activities providing free food and clothing to people in need, school supplies for youth in the neighborhood, offering encouragement to individuals who are shut-in, hospitalized or incarcerated. Other charitable acts include facilitating shelter and care for displaced persons as well as job placement.

The leadership charge and propagation of the WORD of Faith at The Greater Harvest COGIC has been faithfully carried out under the auspices of several pastors throughout the years of its rich history.